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Women Empowerment has always been a critical factor in judging the growth of a developing nation. In this era of globalization, the world’s eye is upon India and how effectively this nation manages employment and empowerment of women. Especially when this sub-continent has 48.17% of female population. National Skill Training Institute for Women (NSTIW) is doing exactly the same and is taking the baton of women empowerment forward. Functioning under the wings of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India, NSTIW Agartala which was created in 2015 works for the WOT section of the Directorate General of Training. With its first initial vocational institutes at New Delhi, NSTIW has branched to a lot other cities in India. In Agartala, Tripura, NSTIW functions its day to day services from the Old Directorate Building of Industries and Commerce Deptt, Govt of Tripura. But the organization has separated out lands for its vocational institute at Ananda nagar where the construction of new campus is going on at good pace. 


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